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House Staging



  • Modern (contemporary)
  • Traditional
  • Mediterranean
  • Oriental
  • Eclectic
  • Loft, condominium, houses, etc.

Residential Services Include:
  • Space Planning
  • Color Coordination
  • Finishes Selection
  • Furniture/Furnishings Selections
  • Architectural Mouldings
  • Lighting
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Organizing Services
  • Landscape Design
Residential Decorating & Design

Why not make your home a part of the family?

Whether you are looking to undergo a complete make-over, update a single room, or design a new home, De Lorenzo Interiors can help you make a house, your home, adding new excitement and life that matches your personality and lifestyle. The key to a successful design project is to understanding the client, their lifestyle, their personality and their dreams. We won’t try to force someone else’s interests on you, but we will work with you to keep an open mind. With so many design styles making a change can be difficult, particularly if you have lived with a decorative style and a floor plan for years. Your living environment becomes an extension, and an expression, of yourself. So we’ll work with you to understand where you see yourself and your lifestyle going, what you like and don’t like about your home, and what might be holding you back from reaching your personal goals.

Our ability to understand both the functional and emotional factors enables us to transform a space into one that helps to create an improved self image and an inner peace as well as a home that supports your day to day activities and personal interactions. Many people feel like their home is working against them rather than with them. This can be a result of the physical structure and layout including how traffic flows within and between rooms, or how the furniture is arranged. Or it can be a result of psychological elements including special placement of objects and lines of sight, or the colours and patterns within the rooms.

Let us help you create new vitality and balance in your home, and improve your quality of life. Click to review other portfolio samples

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