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This service was design for people that are having difficulties choosing paint color for a room, floor level or the inside or outside of an entire house. This service includes: selecting the paint for the detailed area(s) provided. For multiple rooms please contact us for an evaluation: info@delightfulinteriors.com.

First and foremost: We want you to know that we will be keeping close contact during the entire period necessary to complete your project. “Your Pleasure Is Our Business” 
This is how it works: Before you go any further, start by de-cluttering the room (if necessary) that you are going to work on. This means putting away any small decorations (if any) such as small plants, picture frames, vases, figurines etc., leaving the main furniture (if any).  Then take digital pictures of the 4 walls of the room you would like to change the paint color. Upload your pictures on your computer and save them as .jpg files. Before you get to the client profile form I advise you to e-mail your pictures to yourself or a friend in order to make sure that all your pictures are clear – as we only respond to workable materials. Now, that you have your pictures ready, click on the Client Profile Form link below. Complete the form, accept our terms and conditions, up-load your pictures, and click the submit button to submit your application.

Within 24 to 48 hours you will receive a confirmation e-mail letting you know that your project was accepted along with pricing and payment instructions for your project.   Once payment has been received, it will take approximately 7 to 10 business days to complete the project. Upon completion you will receive your project results via e-mail, in a picture format. As mentioned in our terms & conditions agreement, you will be receiving a 2nd and final color scheme in the event that you are not completely satisfied with the first color scheme received. Please keep in mind that we use your preferred color selection as a reference guide.

We have provided a before and after sample of a room transformation on the left. Notice how all the decorative accents are still in this picture? We want to remind you to remove most of the decorative accents as it takes away from visualizing the walls with the furniture.

Paint Selection Client Profile Form